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Welcome to the "JS-XMLRPC (XML-RPC for Javascript)" Homepage. It is a library implementing the XML-RPC and JSON-RPC protocols, written in Javascript.
It is designed for ease of use, flexibility and completeness.
Above all, it mimics as closely as possible the API of the PHPXMLRPC library.

Please note that there is another, older javascript library named JSXMLRPC available on sf.net: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsxmlrpc. Both libraries share the same intents, but the code is completely unrelated (at least for now).


Release 0.4 of php-xmlrpc sister-library is available here.
Please consider it is still marked as beta code when downloading and using it - even though all known reproducible bugs have been fixed.



Online xmlrpc debugger

A demo debugger application, built on top of this library, is active at the address http://gggeek.github.io/jsxmlrpc/debugger/debugger.html. You can use the debugger to e.g. query the SF demo server (located at the address http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/server.php), or debug your own personal xmlrpc server, if it is accessible on the net.


GitHub home page (downloads, source code and bug tracker).


For security related issues feel free to contact ggiunta at users.sourceforge.net


A list of things that might (or might not) make it into the next release:

DescriptionStatus (CVS) - updated 2007/04/28
implement the function xmlrpc_decode_xml()
handling of charset encoding (where explicitly requested)
timeout in send() methodsOK only for async calls
async send() methodOK
compression of requests
handling of compression, chunked encoding in parseResponseHeaders
Testsuite, speed tests, demo files
htmlentities only encodes as much as php function htmlspecialchars
encoding/decoding of anon js classes via an xml attribute (since it is hard to recover a class name, we could encode instead all methods code)
complete parsing of: new xmlrpcclient('http://james:bond@a.complete/uri')
using client credentials for https auth

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